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————–5 STEPS TO SUCCESS————–


The Certification journey begins with a single step. Although choosing a skill to master can seem like a small step, it’s an important one.

The first question you need to ask yourself is, what do you want your outcome to be? Perhaps you are looking at up skilling for a job opportunity, or looking to learn how master a new hobby like photography, maybe even just wanting to keep up to date with the quickly changing digital world.

Fortunately, when it comes to digital skill sets, you can’t stray too far from the right path. Today so many tasks rely on these skills that you’re almost sure to find them coming in handy in any of your future endeavours or passion projects.

All of our learning pathways are short and flexible so even if you already have a busy schedule if you can find just a few minutes a day and dependent on your existing skills, you may be ready to get certified in a matter of days.

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You don’t know what you don’t know, but that doesn’t have to be the case! The first step once you’ve chosen your application is to determine what you already know, and what you don’t with a skills diagnostic test.

Studies have shown most people have a fairly basic understanding of the tools they use everyday. You know your way of doing things and it works for you, but we know that more often than not, you could be doing the same thing a lot faster and easier if with a very small change in what you’re doing.

That’s why we include an in-depth diagnostic test that you can use to assess your exact level of skills.  You’ll be shown different scenarios, asked to complete different tasks covering key areas within the application.  Once you have profiled your strengths and weakness’ you can begin working on learning what you know is needed, instead of going over what you have proved you already know.

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You’ve chosen your field, you’ve done the initial diagnostic test and it’s time to really begin!

Now you have your profile you probably experienced a profound moment when you realised just how much there was to your favourite application and possibly you even have been surprised by how little you actually know about the programs features and functions. The good news is you’ve taken the first step and now know exactly where you need to improve.  Your personal learning journey begins now!

For those who are more hands-on learners, included in our training is a fully customizable kinesthetic learning platform.  That’s really just fancy talk for “You get to learn by doing instead of reading”. You’ll have the opportunity to practice tasks and use tools in your application and see your creations happen in front of you all while preparing for the final assessment.

Not everybody learns by doing. For those who like to kick back, relax and listen to somebody explain the scenario and walk you through how to do tasks, we have that covered as well. We recommend that you do both methods and go through all our instructor-led videos and then follow up by working through our practical workshops. We know that each person has a unique learning style and experience. Our platform is built to let you take control.

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Once you start learning it won’t be long before you will find yourself becoming more and more confident.  As you discover and practice your new-found skills you’ll develop the proficiency required to sit and pass the final, internationally standardised exam. Feeling a little frightened?  Don’t worry, it’s meant to be a little scary.

We’ve equipped you with the best tools to prepare for the test, including our fully simulated practice tests.  You can get a taste for what types of questions the final exam will throw at you and make sure you are ready to succeed.  No surprises!

Our statistics show if you can work your way through our learning tools, and can score 90% or higher on our simulated tests, you have a 95% chance of successfully passing the final exam and get the internationally recognised industry credential.  For most exams a score better than 70% will get you across the line.

XCERIO 5 Steps to Success - Step Four, Study and Practice Image


Once you complete your study and are ready to tackle the final assessment, you will need to contact an XCERIO Representative or one of the Certiport Authorized Testing Centres to sit your final assessment. You should allow 70 – 90 minutes. The exam itself must be completed in 50 minutes.

You did it! Congratulations!

It was a probably a little harder than expected but you’ve now joined an exclusive club of Industry Certified individuals. Successfully passing any one of our exams at a Certiport Authorized Testing Centres means you have a massive industry name such as Microsoft, Adobe or Autodesk giving you a golden stamp of approval when you are using their products.  Prospective employers will be impressed.  You’ll stand out from the rest in our very competitive world.

It’s at this point that we wish you well as you start a new journey equipped with new skills to make wherever you end up a better place to be.  Remember wherever you are, wherever you go we’re here to help in any way we can.

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Low Proficiency

Most computer users are self-taught. You simply don’t know what they don’t know! Independent studies show only 17% of the functionality of popular Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, Outlook are actually used, meaning 83% of your investment is wasted on a daily basis.



Nine in ten people self-assess their skills when it comes to their software ability. Which isn’t a pleasant thought when you consider the Dunning-Kruger Effect – “A cognitive bias in which low-ability individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability as much higher than it really is”


Skill Demand

According to a white paper released by the IDC, Keys to the Future: Align Workforce Readiness Skills to Ensure Student Success, digital skill-sets such as Microsoft Office are in high demand, as 77% of high opportunity jobs require a strong proficiency. Microsoft Office came in as the 4th highest skill in demand above Problem Solving, Creativity and Time Management.


Hiring Criteria

Experts estimate the cost of a bad hiring or promotion decision ranges from 20% to 200% of a year’s salary, depending on the position. With the increasing demand for skills, dilution and variation of degrees from higher education, hiring managers are relying more heavily on trusted validation from industry sources with 90% of them considering Industry Certification as a core part of their criteria.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

XCERIO New Zealand and our partners have invested significant resources ensuring that each one of our candidates receives the best experience possible. We do this by finding the best possible material in the world that aligns to global standards and benchmarks set by the industry and ensuring it’s delivered in an effective, simple and meaningful way. 

Every single student leaving school study and moving into the workforce should have a vendor certification. The point of difference and weight it holds with potential employers is too much to ignore

Lynda Frisby(Head of ICT, Trident High School)

The education space has become obsessed with fact-based learning. Real-world skills and Industry certification are what employers need

Paul McClean(Director of Innovation, Avondale College)

Every single girl who comes through our classrooms is different, and XCERIO and their partners have found a way to engage every single one of them to get meaningful results

Theresa Bosch(Deputy Principal, Baradene College)

It’s a pleasure working with XCERIO, their dedication to getting results and making education accessible and relevant is exactly what we need with today’s demand for high quality employees

Keith Watson (M.D. of HP Enterprise)

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